How We Do It

At Evntiv, we lead our clients through a process that allows our team to achieve success on every project.

Butterfly Bash

DISCOVERY:  We want to know everything about our clients’ project and their organization. During DISCOVERY, we gather information, gain perspective and identify core mission objectives.


RIFF (Raw Ideas Flowing Freely): Turn on the idea faucet! RIFF enables us to bounce big ideas, promote original thinking and push boundaries. RIFF sessions often result in many ideas of different flavors, cost and appeal.


REFINE: To REFINE is to edit, connect and mold thoughts into relevant concepts. During the REFINE stage, we balance creativity with objectives and cost.


PRODUCE: Once our concept is refined and approved, we bring it to life. PRODUCE brings action to the project and literally makes ideas become reality. Our team oversees the process and reports on progress.

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