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Sam Foxman speaks at MPI EduCon 2017

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Evntiv President and Co-Founder, Sam Foxman, delivered an incredible panel discussion titled NEW. NOW. NEXT. Tools & Technology to Support Killer Content, as part of the EduCon 2017 for the St. Louis area chapter of MPI (Meeting Professionals International). Foxman spoke about the new standards in event technology and moderated, an all-star panel of event pros inclusing Rachel Weis, John Launius, Josh GuffeySteve Friedman, and Douglas Hall representing EvntivCPG AgencyVidzu MediaGeniecast and The Nitrous Effect.



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(Photo credits Jake Huber)

SLOW FOOD / FAST CARS event at the Meadows

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Another new event debuted this weekend! SLOW FOOD / FAST CARS was a mashup of exotic sports cars, live music and the best BBQ in the region. The event was presented by Sophisticated Living Magazine and hosted by the Meadows in Lake Saint Louis.



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St. Louis event planning agency to donate $105,000 in 2017 to local nonprofit organizations

Event planning and creative agency Evntiv celebrates its fifth anniversary in 2017. To mark the occasion, the company will be donating more than $105,000 in cash and services to a number of St. Louis area nonprofit organizations.

“Instead of throwing a party to celebrate our accomplishments, we wanted to do something for the organizations and people who inspire us and serve so many in our community,” explained Evntiv President and Cofounder Sam Foxman. “These are the organizations that have supported us over the past five years—without them, we would not be where we are today.”

“One of our largest donations was made by my business partner, Keith Alper, to the Barnes-Jewish Hospital Foundation and Siteman Cancer Center to help fund Illumination, an event that raises over $3 million each year to help find a cure for cancer through the Cancer Frontier Fund,” stated Foxman.

Located in downtown St. Louis, Evntiv is part of the Nitrous Effect™, a unique collective of marketing and communications agencies that work together to solve complex challenges for their clients better and faster than the traditional multi-agency model. Evntiv offers full-service event planning, entertainment booking, audio/visual production, video creation and a suite of graphic and web design services. The Evntiv team has produced award-winning galas, outdoor festivals, fashion events, grand openings, concerts and awards shows.

“Evntiv, and the Nitrous Effect™ agencies, have been our secret weapon for elevating our guests’ experience and the amount of funding raised for our programs,” stated Kristin Marino, Manager, Special Events for the Foundation for Barnes-Jewish Hospital. “The team brings a balance of creativity, innovation and operational skills to help guide our decisions and get things done.”

Since Foxman and Alper cofounded Evntiv in 2012, the agency has become a sought-after event planning and experiential agency, not only in St. Louis, but throughout the country. Evntiv has recently expanded its corporate events department, which focuses on field marketing events, business meetings and conferences for financial, medical and technology companies.

“We are growing our national footprint rather quickly,” said Foxman. “This year, we will produce over 150 events in 56 different cities.” States Foxman. “No matter how much we expand into other markets, our hearts are in St. Louis and giving back is part of our DNA.”, adds Foxman.


Evntiv goes Dada for the Ball & Bash

Posted on: May 22nd, 2017 by Sam Foxman

Once again, Evntiv collaborated with the creative minds at The Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis to reveal an event that would have made Luis Buñuel blush.  The 2017 Dada Ball & Bash was an outrageous evening of bespoke table designs, inventive cocktails, fanciful dining, and eccentric entertainment.

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Evntiv asked business leaders where they find inspiration and how they incorporate into their work.


PRESIDENT, EVNTIV  part of the Nitrous Effect agency collective

I love visiting contemporary art museums and observing how artists use light, video and other mediums to express themselves. I was inspired by the artist Dan Flavin who is well-known for his massive light sculpture installations using neon tubes. I used this inspiration to create a lighting design for a runway fashion show. For me, Oscar Wilde had it right-  Life imitates art far more than art imitates Life!

FLavin 1Flavin 2dan_flavin_42


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play Date logo

In our industry, it’s common to forget that events are a part of an organization’s marketing and communications strategy. They are more than just booking venues, ordering linens and getting a great band. Events are a great opportunity to communicate in real-time, and can be a very effective tool in the arsenal of any good marketer to change the hearts and minds of its constituents.

At Evntiv, we recognize this opportunity and rather than first discussing “venues and menus,” we focus on what the organization is trying to achieve with their event. In other words, at the end of the event, our goal is to have influenced what the attendees say, do, think and feel about the organization. Events are an opportunity to create a powerful and emotional call-to-action that can’t be achieved with the digital communications of the modern world.

In order to capitalize on what is often a missed opportunity, Evntiv has developed a proprietary method for facilitating the true objectives and outcomes that our clients want to achieve. This process is called the Core Mission Objectives (CMO). Through a series of exercises, we are able to discover what the organization wants to achieve from the event for it to be truly considered a success. Oftentimes, our clients themselves don’t even know what they are trying to achieve and through our CMO process, can discover for themselves why they may be doing an event in the first place.

One of our long-standing clients came to us with a problem… their event just wasn’t working anymore. We brought them through our CMO exercise and determined what was really important.

CHALLENGE: St. Louis Children’s Hospital Foundation hosted an annual gala event that was dwindling in attendance and had plateaued in fundraising. The event’s brand had nothing to do with what the organization was doing to help children and no longer attracted new supporters for the organization.

SOLUTION: Align the brand of the event with the mission and practice of the organization. Evntiv hosted a discovery session with key stakeholders including the President of the foundation. The hospital’s key to success was understanding how kids view the hospital environment and the staff at Children’s Hospital transform fear, anxiety and worry into a calm and playful atmosphere. We took the same approach when designing the event. In creating PLAY DATE, we proved what would happen if adults got to act like kids for one night and saw the world in a very whimsical way. Guests slid into the party on an inflatable slide, played giant jenga, drank cartoon-inspired cocktails, played vintage arcade games and decorated custom cupcakes. The dinner began with dessert first and featured tables that guests could draw on or customize. The back wall fell away to reveal a roller skating after party. Every gala should be this fun! The Evntiv team worked closely with Cheree Berry Paper to design the logo, identity and print materials.

RESULTS: The gala changed the perception of the foundation from stale and stodgy to the hottest, most innovative fundraising event in the city. The foundation grew attendance by 30% the first year and surpassed the fundraising goal set by administration by $20,000. Most importantly, the foundation attracted a new, younger demographic that they were able to convert to future patrons and donors.

Play Date 4

Plat Date 1Play Date 2Play date 3

play date 5




Evntiv President Sam Foxman quoted in BizBash Magazine

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3 Tips for D.I.Y. Video Invitations

These new do-it-yourself online video invitation services help planners spread the word to guests.

Photo: Courtesy of Wideo

Event hosts have been experimenting with embedding videos into invitations for a number of years, but now there’s a new generation of tools that make incorporating video into an invitation easier than ever. Do-it-yourself options, along with the ubiquity of mobile devices, allow users to both shoot and receive video messages almost anywhere. Before hitting record on an event invite, industry professionals should keep these tips in mind.

1. Know your D.I.Y. limits.
“Everybody’s into video, but a lot of people don’t know how to present that video and make their event more successful and elegant,” says Prabhakar Bellamkonda, C.E.O. and co-founder of Gaithersburg, Maryland-based Inviter, a new site that offers an easy-to-use template format for those inexperienced with video invitations.

Ryan Costello, C.E.O. of Event Farm in Washington, adds that video invites take more creativity and time than most might expect. “People think, ‘because I saw this Vine thing that was cool,’ everyone can do it,” he says, adding that if it’s an organizer’s first time delving into video invitations, he or she will need about three times as much lead time to account for the technology learning curve.

If the plan is to use recorded material rather than pre-created animation, Costello says, “At minimum you need to understand the basics of video editing and understand how to clip and cut.” Even with template services such as Inviter and Wideo, which help eliminate some of the technological hurdles, the process is still a challenge, he says.

With Wideo, an animated online video creation platform, users can choose from among the service’s library of images, graphics, logos, and music and save their choices for future use, says Sofía Brockenshire, content specialist at Wideo.

Because the technology is still fairly new, there are no “hard and fast rules” about using animated versus handheld video footage in the invites, says Sam Foxman, president and co-founder of Evntiv, a St. Louis-based event planning, event production, and entertainment agency. “It’s all about a question of tone versus innovation,” he says. “What I want to try to do is create excitement for the event, whether that’s done in a very low-tech way or a very produced way.”

For certain types of groups or events, a roughly shot video could convey a desirable, attention-getting rawness. “It gives a taste of what the brand feels like—but with movement—and what guests could look forward to that print isn’t going to give,” Costello says.

2. Understand the costs.
The appeal of these new invitation platforms is that anyone can create a video invitation, with or without the budget for a slick, produced version.

“All of these make-your-own video services have come a long way,” Foxman says. “I think that the advantage is that a two-person shop could create something for less than $200 that feels very legitimate, and, if they’re creative, I think they can get a product that can be pushed out within 10 days and get the same effect as somebody who’s hiring a video house.”

Wideo, for instance, charges $59 a month for its mid-range pro plan ($19 a month when billed annually), which lets the user create three-minute-long videos that can be downloaded in HD and without the Wideo logo. A premium tier plan costs $99 a month ($39 a month when billed annually) and offers unlimited video lengths, access to more graphics, and music.

“I think the pro plan works best for event planners because they can download the video in HD, have up to 3 minutes in video length, and most importantly, have unbranded videos,” Brockenshire says. “It’s more convenient and professional that way.”

Users of Inviter have the option of paying per event or per month. For a single event, the service charges between roughly $20 and $160, depending on the number of guests. Monthly subscriptions range from around $40 to $200 per month based on event size.

Planners who aren’t ready to give up on paper invites just yet can compromise with Tap for Message, a credit-card-size inset containing N.F.C. chips, Q.R. codes, and a URL. The cards are pasted or inserted into traditional invitations, and guests have the option to tap their mobile device and activate the N.F.C. chip, scan the code, or enter the URL to receive the information and play the video, which is stored in the cloud.

The cards themselves cost $300 for 50, which include some customization and the ability to attach a video, says C.E.O. Kadeer Beg. “For the corporate side, it’s a little different because they want to brand the look and feel,” so the $6-per-card price is more of a floor than an average, he says.

3. Share smartly.
The more ways a video can be shared, and the fewer clicks the recipient has to make before viewing the video, the better.

“People think, ‘Will it automatically play when people open the email?’” Costello says. Because that’s not actually the case, the sender needs to make the process of watching the video as seamless as possible.

“You can upload ours to YouTube or embed to a website or WordPress, link to it, or share it on social media … and it can be downloaded for attaching,” Brockenshire says of Wideo’s videos. The company also lets planners add buttons with URL links to their videos, which can direct recipients to a new Web page or form, she says.

Having numerous options for sharing is important because some corporate email filters might block embedded video, and the growing use of mobile browsers can make compatibility an issue.

If the target audience tends towards heavy mobile usage, it’s also worth doing a test run on a number of devices before sending out the invites to see how images appear on different screens.

Additionally, the new generation of video invitations, much like other modern technology services, can provide usable data for planners. At the higher end of the price range, many video invitation services provide planners with reports and analytics about the messages sent and allow for communication with guests after the invites have been delivered.

For example, with Tap for Message, Beg says, hosts can provide guests with things like schedule and seating information in real time during the event and push survey questions to collect responses ­immediately.

For planners, this means the value they get from the investment doesn’t end after the guest clicks to R.S.V.P. “What we’re now doing is getting into the whole life cycle of event management,” Beg says.


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St. Louis based Evntiv created Food Truck Festival in Alton, IL

St. Louis based Evntiv creates Food Truck Festival with City of Alton, IL
























“We are excited to partner with Sauce Magazine to launch the inaugural Alton Food Truck Festival at Liberty Bank Alton Amphitheater on Saturday, August 29, 2015,” said Mayor Walker. “This event will feature food trucks from around the region offering global street food cuisine. In addition, the amphitheater’s concession team will offer beverages of all types to compliment the food trucks.”

Live music will be showcased on the amphitheater stage with Marquise Knox as the Food Truck Festival’s headliner. “Marquise is an amazing talent and we are very happy to have him play at this festival”, explains Kevin Smith, talent booker at Evntiv. Knox, a Blues prodigy and native St. Louisan, embodies the soul and essence of a veteran bluesman, with his command of guitar and harmonica combining with his energetic showmanship. He has performed with B.B. King, Henry Townsend, Louisiana Red, Robert Lockwood Jr., and Honeyboy Edwards to name a few. Other entertainment to be announced.


The Alton Food Truck Festival is FREE to the general public. Each food truck will have a different food offering with a range of prices. A special VIP ticket can be purchased for an upgraded experience that includes parking close to the venue and complimentary drink tickets.

Sauce Magazine created the first food truck events in St. Louis,” explained publisher Allyson Mace. “We were looking for the right opportunity to do an event in Illinois. The Liberty Bank Alton Amphitheater is a perfect place for people to gather and enjoy great food and beverages while listening to some of the region’s best music.”


“We are proud to offer this unique event FREE of charge to residents of Alton and the surrounding area. We look forward to welcoming a large crowd to the inaugural event,” said Walker.

This event is FREE to the general public. VIP Tickets are $25 and are available for purchase starting today, April 27, 2015. More information at www.libertybankamphitheater.com.

SAM FOXMAN’S 14 in 14

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Evntiv President shares his picks for the 14 coolest people, places and things in 2014 (in no particular order).


Earlier this year, my friend Cabanne told me about this amazing artist that she had been following on Twitter who was doing these irreverent portraits- kinda like a deranged Andrea Warhol. Of course, I fell in love immediately. Self taught New Orleans based Artist Sarah Ashley Long shore has a kooky style, which is specific to her, and, whilst simplistic, you cannot help but have a little smile on your face…especially when you read the titles.  Her style and art work has won her a few admirers over the years, with an impressive collector list including Hollywood stars such as Salma Hayek, Penelope Cruz, Blake Lively, Eli Manning, Director Paul Waits and Cinematographer Jimmy Muro. Although Ms. Longshore isn’t widely known outside of fashion and art circles, that is starting to change – quickly.   www.ashleylongshore.com


Being an entrepreneur in St. Louis, it’s pretty hard to not know about T-Rex. For those who aren’t familiar, T‐REX is a world-class venue providing the startup entrepreneur with low cost & flexible enterprise space, while serving the region with quality programming and inspiring community. Two years after it’s inception, T-REX occupies 5 floors of Lammert on Washington and growing. It is now home to 100+ startups, iTEN, Capital Innovators, Cultivation Capital, SixThirty, Arch Grants and home to many other entrepreneurial activity including Startup Weekend and StartLouis. Interesting tidbit… I helped with the interior design of the 5th floor! There is a revolution happening in downtown St. Louis… the rise of the start up economy. Pay close attention as the next Google, PayPal or Netflix rises out of our city’s core.   downtowntrex.com


Annie Clark who performs under the name St. Vincent has slowly grown to be one of the most interesting artists in the indie rock genre.  Her 2007 début album, “Marry Me”, showed her to be a fantastic guitar player, a skilled vocalist, and a collector of unidentifiable sounds. Her work lives at a distance from most rock or pop, owing to the contrast between her understated temperament and her taste for dynamic language. It is odd but accessible, detailed but not over-produced, personal but stripped of the inside banter that some artist’s relish in. Did I mention that Annie is a killer guitar player? Her uncle is Tuck Andress, from the popular Jazz duo Tuck & Patti. St. Vincent is definitely worth a listen!  ilovestvincent.com


This cocktail is a “James Bond” original, actually an Ian Fleming original, but who cares. For the most part it is a variation on a Martini, and all bartenders know what Mr. Bond did to the martini world. The Vesper can hold its own in the cocktail world and quickly became my go-to cocktail this summer.

The Vesper Martini

3 oz Gin
1 oz Vodka
0.5 oz Lillet Blanc

Shake with ice and strain into a wine glass. Garnish with a lemon twist.


Porsche is returning back to the 911’s roots with the new Targa edition offered in 2014. In a nicely done nostalgic approach that mimics the original 911 Targa of 1965, Porsche fitted the new 991-generation model with a roof bar, a movable front roof section, and a wraparound rear window. However, unlike the classic model, on the new 911 Targa, the roof segment can be opened and closed at the push of a button, with the top automatically stowed away behind the rear seats. Very sexy! Positioned between the traditional coupe and convertible editions of the 911 for those who want a bit of both, but are willing to make a few compromises, the Targa will be offered in two engine variants, both exclusively with AWD featuring the wider rear track and body, and the same Porsche Traction Management (PTM), found in all other 911 all-wheel-drive models. Did I mention it was sexy?   www.porsche.com


I saw this place in Nolita and never went inside. Then, I read about the fantastic fragrances they were producing. Le Labor is a Niche perfume line established by Fabrice Penot and Eddie Roschi (both formerly of Giorgio Armani fragrances) in 2006. Le Labo started with 10 fragrances by well-known perfumers, and is known for blending the essential oils with alcohol and water at the time of purchase and providing customized labels for the bottles. My bottle actually says “blended for Sam Foxman”- looks awesome on the shelf! Ryan Reynolds wears Patchouli 24. Karl Lagerfeld prefers Neroli 36. I really like Santal 33 and Rose 31. In October, it was announced that Estee Lauder is acquiring them. Hope they don’t change a thing!   lelabofragrances.com


After receiving a job offer they couldn’t refuse, our dear friends packed up their house and moved 6,000 miles away to Amsterdam. Ballsy, yes. Jealous, I am! It has been twenty years since I saw Amsterdam. err, at least what I could remember of it. Colorful, quirky and charming, Amsterdam is a fabulous old-world city lined with 17thcentury building, canals, and the constant sight of bicycles whizzing by. But it also bears all the hallmarks (and then some) of a thriving and downright lenient metropolis. While many globetrotting hipsters visit Amsterdam for the marijuana scene – and perhaps to peek at the legal prostitutes in the Red Light District – the city is teeming with high culture, from the world-class art in the Van Gogh Museum and the Rijksmuseumn to P.C. Hooftstraat, the shopping street where you can also find plenty of the contemporary, cutting-edge design that has become a source of pride in Amsterdam and the Netherlands. Not to mention, our pals Dmitry Gelfand and Evelina Domnitch- the most out-of-this-world contemporary art duo in Europe!


This past October, I was honored to work with Susan Sherman, Jan Goldstein, Atul and Anjali Kamra (and a host of others fashion supporters) on the launch of the Saint Louis Fashion Fund. Saint Louis Fashion Fund is a new organization, led by a 25-member Board of Directors, which includes leaders in culture, fashion, higher education, law and business. The Fund will play an integral role in the development and growth of the Saint Louis fashion community. The fund is an incubator to help emerging designers build their brands and advance their career. It was a historic moment when leaders in the global fashion community stood together and proclaimed, “We are bringing the business of fashion back to St. Louis!” The fund is raising seed money to create the St. Louis Fashion Incubator housed in the former Garment District, which will open in late 2016.


Big props to the Saint Louis Art Museum for its exhibition ‘Currents 109: Nick Cave’. Cave (not to be confused with the Australian rocker of the same name) was born 60 years ago in Fulton, Mo. He attributes his affinity for found objects to his upbringing: poor, in a large family headed by a single mother. Cave is best known for his “Soundsuits,” costume-shaped sculptures that show a clear connection to African art, as well as the New Orleans Mardi Gras tradition. The sculptures are whimsical, but their meaning is much deeper. Galleries 249 and 250 in the East Building are filled with the suits; some of them can be viewed from all sides. On the walls are tondos, circular hangings like slices of the sky, made of satin-finished formal dresses and marked out with sequins and brocades. If you have not seen this show yet, it is a “must see”! The installation is on view until March 8, 2015.    www.slam.org


At Evntiv, I work with a lot of non-profit organizations. This year, I was inspired by a man who lives his mission. James Clark, and his organization Better Family Life, are going into the most dangerous communities in St. Louis (and in the country) offering drug dealers, gangsters, pimps and criminals new hope. He helps them find jobs, be responsible and deal with hard situations that most people would not understand – or would ever be exposed to. In just a few short years, Clark and his team have worked in high-risk neighborhoods to decrease crime at the rate of four times compared to the rest of the City of St. Louis. If you want to help fund change… support this man.  www.betterfamilylife.org


The idea of joining a country club makes me gag. I don’t play golf, I don’t like pastel sweaters and I don’t like any place that is uptight. I do however like the idea of belonging to a members only club that is focused around my lifestyle. Enter Soho House. Soho House was founded in London in 1995 as a private members club targeted at globetrotting “creative types”—young fashion designers, filmmakers, writers, artists and entrepreneurs, as well as famous musicians and movie stars. Since opening the London property, Soho House has expanded to include Houses across Europe and North America, as well as restaurants, cinemas, spas and hotels. With Houses popping up in Chicago, New York, Toronto and other major cities, membership is becoming more and more attractive. Each applicant must be nominated by two existing members who can belong to any of the Houses. Upon receipt, the application will then be reviewed by the appropriate club’s Membership Committee, who meets approximately every three months.   www.sohohouse.com


Last year, my wife and I visited the MacLeod Family Vineyard in Sonoma California. There we met the 91-year-old George MacLeod who personally took us on a tour of his fields. I learned more about the science of winemaking in one hour than I could have in years. We felt the soil, we tasted grapes and we heard directly from the family that has been producing, in my opinion, the best Cabernet and Sauvignon Blanc in the region. This year, George MacLeod released his book entitled, “Journey to Harvest- How to Grow Grapes, Make Distinctive Wines & Live Forever”.  While visiting the vineyard, we signed up for the wine club and receive a case of MacLeod wines every quarter. We have shared the wines with friends and fellow foodies. They all want more and can’t believe this wine is $26 a bottle! If you find yourself in California wine country, pay old George a visit!   www.macleodfamilyvineyard.com


I am fascinated with any kind of “self serve” apparatus used at events and parties. Two years ago, I invented the Cocktail Wall for a dinner event at White Flag Gallery. 2014 was the year of the Doughnut. I saved the idea for a very special party for The Sharing Fund in St. Louis. Our friends at Coda Fundraising & Events were as enthusiastic as I was about this concept. Keeping with the holiday party theme, doughnuts were placed in a snowflake pattern on the wall. These weren’t just any old doughnuts… The Four Seasons in St. Louis hand made 300 doughnuts for this project – matching the icing colors to my design! The result was a fabulous new way to get a sugar high!


I am obsessed with the TOMO app. Touch of Modern is a curated e-commerce experience that offers daily discovery of the most fascinating and well-designed products in the world at the best possible price, for people who seek objects that tell a story. Basically, they curate the coolest tech, art, clothing, gadgets and objects that have one thing in common – amazing design. Through the app, you can browse and purchase these objects at fantastic prices. www.touchofmodern.com


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Thanks to Helene Sayad for the fantastic profile! Check out the original article on stlmag.com or click HERE.


Evntiv’s founder knows how to throw a party.

By  St. Louis Magazine

As the impresario behind event-planning firm Evntiv, Sam Foxman produces spectacular galas, concerts, weddings… He’s like the Wizard of Oz, orchestrating magic from his downtown office, which blends classic midcentury pieces with a contemporary environment.

 Inspiring Art

The print be­hind his desk is an early work from St. Louis native Jenna Bauer. “Little-known fact: Jenna used to be the bass player in a rock band I was in called Yellow Afternoon,” Foxman says.

Worth Their Ink

He swears by Pilot G2 0.7 millimeter black rollerball pens. “I used to buy fancy pens for hundreds of dollars,” he says, “but no matter how hard I would try, I would lose them.”

Swatch Out

Fabric swatches are staples in Foxman’s office. “I like to pull colors and textures when considering an environment for a party,” he says.

On the Books

Foxman is reading This Is a Kenneth Cole Production, the new book about the activist and fashion designer. “I admire any person who isn’t afraid to mix business with purpose,” he says.

Sharp Dresser

Named to SLM’s Best Dressed List in 2009, Foxman is wearing a Billy Grey Custom Clothiers shirt, a Prada jacket, Hudson jeans, a Salvatore Ferragamo belt, a Richard Tao tie, a Cartier Tank Française watch, and To Boot New York shoes.


While in Napa Valley on his honeymoon, Foxman picked up some irreverent sticky notes, with messages like “Oy Vey” and “WTF?” “I like to think it brings a smile when I deliver a document with that stuck on the corner,” he says.


PEZ dispensers bring him back to his first rock show, at age 8. “It was at that moment that I wanted to be in the business of entertaining people,” he says. “Fortunately for my clients, I do it without wearing leather boots and demon makeup.”