Posted on: November 16th, 2014 by Sam Foxman

Trina Merry’s Bodypaint is a dynamic, uniquely human experience, highlighting the special connection to people where other visual art forms fail, challenging the perception of art beyond the frame.

Living, breathing human beings become a relevant and immediate medium that can transform into a multitude of applications. Merry works with human canvases on poses, creating new opportunities for line and form. Each brushstroke uniquely evokes emotion or a landscape, revolutionizing living art into a stage performance, product launch, ad/branding campaigns, logos, themed installations, floor models, a tradeshow display, or for dinners, galas and meetings.

Having apprenticed under world-renowned body-painter Craig Tracy, in addition to her multidimensional background in film, art and on major Hollywood films and TV shows, Merry draws on a breadth of knowledge and professionalism that is key for corporate/private events, marketing campaigns and commissioned works alike.

Contact us for more information at info@evntiv.net.

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