High-Tech Event Check-In

Posted on: March 21st, 2013 by Sam Foxman

Zkipster is an innovative online guest list management / check-in tool for event producers, hosts, and staff. Imagine your door staff being able to communicate via “pings” sent over iPod and iPhone when a VIP guest arrives!

Get rid of the bottleneck at the door by eliminating the unnecessary fumbling through papers and wrestling with clipboards. Zester’s iPad based app averages 3 seconds per person for check in. The best part… each staffers iPad is synched so they are all up-to-date- all the time!

Zkipster offers a free trial, which will allow you to try the app for a guest list up to 25 people. This trial includes all of the tools offered in the full version so you can get the feel for the full capability of the system.

Check it out at zkipster.com

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