March 2013


Posted on: March 27th, 2013 by Sam Foxman

Every now and then you stumble upon a product or service that is so good, you just want to profess your love for it to everyone you know. Maybe even marry it…. Well that’s a bit dramatic, but not too far off! Eventbrite is one of those services.

With over 100 million tickets sold and over $1.5 billion in gross ticket sales, Eventbrite is on its way to become the market’s premier independent ticketing service.  Launched in 2006 Eventbrite has exponentially increased revenue and visibility to the public.

The service has made such great strides, because they are in the game to help provide a simple service for professional planners and amateur planners alike.  That is why they offer tools to make selling tickets to any type of event easy, whether it’s a small photography class or a sold out concert.  Eventbrite has made it almost effortless to bring people together for your special event, and people everywhere are searching their website everyday to find an event that matters to them…  Feel those walls closing in Ticketmaster?

Check it out a eventbrite.com 


Posted on: March 26th, 2013 by Sam Foxman


39, President, Evntiv

Story: Interview by Jennifer Dulin Wiley

Photos: Attilio D’Agostino

He’s the go-to guy for events in St. Louis and beyond—having worked with the likes of Rolling Stone Magazine and Sprite.com, not to mention Jay Leno and Lionel Ritchie. But it’s not just the national connections that make Sam Foxman so in-demand—it’s his unwavering ability to roll with the unexpected and take unimaginable risks that have made his name synonymous with every killer party this side of the Mississippi.

HOW HE GOT INTO THE BIZ I have been playing music in some form or another since I was 10 years old. I began playing in bands professionally at age 17 and took on the role of manager, booking agent and promoter. I entered the concert business at age 20, which led me to the event industry.

EDUCATION/TRAINING I went to school to study literature—a pretty far stretch from where I ended up! My business education started early on as I watched my father as an executive and later as an entrepreneur. Like him, I try to surround myself with people who know more than me and who are willing to teach me.

My favorite days are when I get to work with people who are brilliant at their craft. Whether they are a Grammy Award winner or a talented graphic designer, I’m at my best when I am collaborating.

I help people plan events for a living—from choosing the right entertainment to completely transforming a hotel ballroom into something out-of-this-world. My satisfaction comes from witnessing the energy and excitement from people as they explore an event for the first time. The best compliment they could give me is, “I’ve never seen anything like that before,” or “I don’t feel like I’m in STL.”

My days are a mix of client meetings, supervising my team, coming up with creative ideas for new clients and, of course, producing the events.

Launching my company, Evntiv.

The freedom to choose what I want to work on and who I want to work with.

The amount of work that goes into an event. A 75-minute show takes hundreds of hours spent by dozens of people to make sure it is worth seeing. Each event I work on takes 30-200 hours of planning.

Don’t make it a problem unless it is really a problem.

Knowing they are just as nervous as I am.

When you work in the live event industry, anything can happen—anything. It’s not like shooting a movie where the director can yell “Cut!” and do another take. You’re 100 percent live, and if something happens off script, it’s your reaction that will determine if it works or if it flops.

Scarfing down a hamburger on a loading dock with Jay Leno, eating tacos at 2am with Lionel Ritchie, counting cash with James Brown and talking baseball with Eddie Money. One of the best moments was when David Bowie showed up at one of my events and very politely asked if he could sneak in and watch the show!

To create and produce the most unique and memorable events in St. Louis, and travel the world bringing my brand of event planning to as many people as possible.

High-Tech Event Check-In

Posted on: March 21st, 2013 by Sam Foxman

Zkipster is an innovative online guest list management / check-in tool for event producers, hosts, and staff. Imagine your door staff being able to communicate via “pings” sent over iPod and iPhone when a VIP guest arrives!

Get rid of the bottleneck at the door by eliminating the unnecessary fumbling through papers and wrestling with clipboards. Zester’s iPad based app averages 3 seconds per person for check in. The best part… each staffers iPad is synched so they are all up-to-date- all the time!

Zkipster offers a free trial, which will allow you to try the app for a guest list up to 25 people. This trial includes all of the tools offered in the full version so you can get the feel for the full capability of the system.

Check it out at zkipster.com

VENUE ENVY: 11 11 Lincoln Road

Posted on: March 18th, 2013 by Sam Foxman

High-end parking space = High-end event space!

11 11 Lincoln Road is unlike any other event space in Miami… or the world!  This unique venue has soaring 34-foot ceilings with a 360-degree panoramic view of the Miami urban skyline, ocean, and bay.

Bridal couples, bar mitzvah boys and charity-event hosts are flocking to what seems like the unimaginable marriage of high-end architecture and car storage: a $65 million parking garage in the center of the city!

Organizations of all kinds are booking the space for wine tastings, dinner parties, fundraising events and even yoga classes!

Created by a colorful Miami developer and a world-renowned architecture firm, it appears to be an entirely new form: a parking garage that resembles a gigantic loft apartment, with exaggerated ceiling heights, wide-open 360-degree views and no exterior walls. The structure, 1111 Lincoln Road, is so distinctive that tourists and locals alike stop and gawk at its unique posture in the Miami skyline.


Posted on: March 18th, 2013 by Sam Foxman

Flowers on the tables… check. Flowers on the bars… check. Flowers dripping from every wall in the venue… CHECK!

Raf Simons stunned the fashion world when he debuted his first collection as Creative Director of Dior in 2012 by creating a monumental indoor garden maze from millions of flowers.

In less than 4 days, this meticulously constructed labyrinth of roses was built to perfection. The rooms were filled floor to ceiling with white orchids, pink peonies and yellow roses – to name a few varieties – all color coordinating with the couture!

Of course, if you don’t have the same budget as the mighty House of Dior, you may have to scale back a bit. Flower walls can be a great accent for a back bar, entryway or reservation table.



Posted on: March 18th, 2013 by Sam Foxman

Tired of feeling “boxed in” at a tented party? It’s time to get down with the dome! Geodesic dome, that is…

Invented by American Architect Buckminster Fuller, the Geodesic dome incorporates modern architectural engineering that is alluring, inside and out. These domes are low-impact on the surrounding area, can be well ventilated and designed to include or limit natural light.

Geodesic domes are unique, appealing, and pleasing event shelters taking portable structures to new levels and setting a higher standard for today’s demand in unique event venues.

From intimate weddings to movie premieres and exclusive executive parties – geodesic canopies offer the dynamic qualities required for immersive sensory experiences.

For more information on Geodesic Domes, EMAIL US.


Posted on: March 11th, 2013 by Sam Foxman

Ever wonder what it feels like to be a grafitti artist? Check out Pixal Paint, a new interactive element for special events that allows guests to digitally “paint” on a screen. Pixal Paint uses a rear projection screen and custom paint programs to create life size art!

A customizable program allows guests to work with the digital paint in a wide palette of paint colors, brush shapes and size and more. Images can be loaded as a background so users can easily paint like a coloring page. This is a perfect branding tool to insert custom logos or themes. After the users create their art they can print a copy onsite or save it to a computer or upload to social media.

Pixal Paint is environmentally friendly and accessible by anyone without any prior computer or art skills. Pixal Paint captivates all audiences from young to old and allows participants the ability to express their own artist creations on a larger then life canvas.

Email us for pricing and availability!