January 2013


Posted on: January 27th, 2013 by Sam Foxman

Fear No Ice is the world’s first and only performance ice sculpting company, created by Scott Rella, Kevin Roscoe and Peter Slavin.  Since 1997 Fear No Ice has been an attraction that will keep guests on the edge of their seats and leave them begging for more. A combination of action adventure, slapstick, drama and audience participation, Fear No Ice offers an unforgettable experience.

Event planners can choose from five dynamic shows as well as a Custom Show. Whether it is carving the company’s logo out of huge blocks of ice or a loud Rock n’ Roll theme show, Fear No Ice will deliver an energetic captivating performance!

For availability and pricing, email us at info@evntiv.net


Bonfyre: Event based social media app

Posted on: January 21st, 2013 by Sam Foxman

Bonfyre is an event-based social media app that allows you to privately plan, capture and share your experiences with the people that matter. Bonfyre is for people who want to organize and share around what real life is made of, experiences, rather than static circles or clunky newsfeeds that are blasted to all connections.

At Evntiv, we are using Bonfyre as a way to capture images and video from the event as it happens. Before the event, n email is sent to all attendees explaining how to download and use Bonfyre. At the event, we have a dedicated Bonfyre team that takes pics, posts comments and interviews as well as video. After the event, we curate the content and blast it to all of the people in attendance- plus the people who could not make it.

Check it out here!


Posted on: January 1st, 2013 by Sam Foxman

Amar Sen knows literally how to create the world with his fingers. With a swish and a flick of his fingers, grains of sand transform into pictures and, in silhouette, his fingers imitate a tiger, a peepul tree, a bird, a house… almost anything.

Sen says he introduced sand animation or creating images with bare hands on a sheet of sand in India. He and his partner Sabyasachi Sen are also the only Asian exponents of Hand Shadowgraphy – that is practiced by only around nine artists in the world.

‘Hand shadowgraphy’ or ‘cinema in silhouette’ as coined by the two Sens, is the art of creating shadows using only hands and fingers against a blank screen against a light source. From depicting animals to silhouettes of monuments to personalities including Mother Teresa and Nelson Mandela, the two can project anything with their hand movements.

Other examples of Hand Shadowgraphy:

Amar Sen