August 2012


Posted on: August 23rd, 2012 by Sam Foxman

Maybe I have been brainwashed by brilliant Apple marketing, but there is something so simple and alluring about a clean, white environment. When designing an event, I find that starting with a white box and adding elements cautiously usually ends up in a better balance of color and textures.An all white event space can be extremely chic and definitely contemporary.  Layering textures and variations of a color can give a rich, welcoming look. Not to mention, any lighting will automatically transform the space, or specific sections of a white space.



Posted on: August 23rd, 2012 by Sam Foxman

The great hall at Chicago Union Station is the ideal location for elegant special events, receptions, and weddings. The hall is considered one of the greatest indoor spaces in the U.S. The 20,000-square-foot Beaux-Arts-style room boasts 18 Corinthian columns, terra-cotta walls, and a pink Tennessee marble floor, and is crowned with a five-story, barrel-vaulted atrium ceiling.Opening onto the hall is the Union Gallery, a 3,500-square-foot room ideal for V.I.P. receptions, lounges, ceremonies, and meetings. The great hall is a truly unique Chicago venue. With a 115-foot ceiling, dramatically subtle architecture, and unobstructed space, the possibilities for creative versatility in event design are virtually unlimited. The rich history and beauty of the great hall have made it a popular location for feature films including The UntouchablesMy Best Friend’s Wedding, and Flags of Our Fathers.


Posted on: August 14th, 2012 by Sam Foxman

I have to admit… we are smitten with the beautiful and talented Solange Knowles. Part DJ, part songwriter, part singer, and all artist, she’s got that rare mixture of soul, authenticity, and style that makes her instantly recognizable. Beyoncé’s little sis can be found rocking the turntables at high-profile events around the world, and dabbling in various music and fashion projects.

Check out her mix! For booking info, email info@evntiv.net



Posted on: August 14th, 2012 by Sam Foxman

Add a touch of design whimsy with Hi-Light™ Tentacles from Air Dimensional Designs. These lightweight inflatable art objects can be suspended from above or originate from the ground. Like nothing else out there, these sculptural pieces offer an organic shape that lends itself to a variety of themes from celestial to aquatic, futuristic to environmental and from dreamlike to contemporary. Lit from within in any color, Hi-Light™ Tentacles can work with any color scheme or design needs. The best part… they are ridiculously inexpensive and make a big statement!

For more info, email us at info@evntiv.net


Posted on: August 14th, 2012 by Sam Foxman

By now, just about everyone on the planet has seen Cirque du Soliel in it’s various forms. However, finding a truly unique cirque style troop for private events is not that easy. One of the newest and most daring is Zen Arts.


Zen Arts is a complete cirque production company based in Los Angeles, showcasing some of the best talent in the world among aerialists, burlesque dancers, fire dancers, contortionists, acrobats, hoop dancers, snake charmers, mermaids, capoeira, belly dancers and much more! Custom themed event entertainment solutions are our specialty, featuring spectacular and engaging displays of circus or cirque-style performance and artistry.

For more info on Zen Arts, email us at info@evntiv.net.