May 2012


Posted on: May 28th, 2012 by Sam Foxman

Our friends at Staging Optics have experimented with incorporating Digital Water Screens into set designs to add a significant WOW factor to meetings and awards shows.

The Digital Water Screen features a blend of motion and fluid control technology that achieves precision control of droplet size and flow, producing a crisp image within a falling wall of water. The Digital Water Screen is modular and scalable and uses safe low power electronics and fresh water. 

Imagine the impact of having a presenter introduction where your presenter walks through a water wall customized with their Company branding.  Digital Water Screens have the ability to display effects from 3 to more than 32 feet with working heights from 6 feet and optimal viewing distances of 10 to 450 feet.


Posted on: May 28th, 2012 by Sam Foxman

I am a huge advocate of florals and greenery at events. It brings in a natural element that is both beautiful and organic. However, sometimes the budget or the theme calls for something different. Here are a few non-floral centerpiece ideas:

Custom acrylic letters can be cut and placed on illuminated bases to create a personalized centerpiece to a head table or buffet.

Glass Cylinders filled with colored water can be used to float candles or LED lights. These liquid columns can be dyed to match any color palette and can be reused year after year.

Sculptural Lucite centerpieces can be used with contemporary themes. For a clean look, these light-up centerpieces can be paired with a solid linen and simple flatware.

This acrylic candelabra features an LED powered base that illuminates the entire stem and arms. Candles or LED candles fit snugly on each stem. With this design, you have the option of adding floral design to the top shelf.

For more centerpeice ideas, email us at info@evntiv.net


Posted on: May 24th, 2012 by Sam Foxman

Belluscious has been proclaimed one of the best and most unique entertainment companies in North America by Vegas Magazine ( Las Vegas ) , by combining high-end choreography with modern cabaret and iconic old-Hollywood glamour to create an elegant and visually captivating experience. Their latest offering gives clients a choreographed and tasteful tour of the decades past. From the 1900’s and on, each vignette features the music, costuming and undeniable allure that makes each decade unique unto itself.

Whether it’s flappers, flower power, or futuristic decor, these vignettes are highly customizable, providing a blank slate for branding opportunities. Most notably, this offering is ideal for clients who have had products or have provided services throughout the 20th-21st century.

The women of Belluscious have traveled throughout the world, crafting highly innovative and original shows, including cancan shows, full-length cabarets, Christmas specials, cocktail entertainment, and their award-winning performance, “Bathing Beauties.” Clients include Microsoft, Chanel, McDonald’s, Mercedes-Benz, Virgin, Ford, Palms Casino Las Vegas, World Film Festival, Red Bull, the Vancouver Olympics, and L’Oréal, among others.

Perfect for galas and non-profit events! Email us for more information info@evntiv.net



Posted on: May 24th, 2012 by Sam Foxman

I first learned about Prezi several years ago from a fellow event planner. I finally started using the presentation tool last year and absolutely fell in love!

Prezi is a cloud-based presentation software that opens up a new world between whiteboards and slides. The zoomable canvas makes it fun to explore ideas and the connections between them. The result: visually captivating presentations that lead your audience down a path of visual discovery.

If you are a visual person or have a photographic memory, this is a must-have tool! It works great with iPad and can translate well unto large format projection screens at live events.

Check it out at www.prezi.com.


Event Trend: Chic Country Weddings

Posted on: May 23rd, 2012 by Sam Foxman


There is nothing like the fresh air of the country to make you appreciate the rural pockets that make up the majority of the United States. These picturesque sites are becoming some of the hottest picks for young couples planning their wedding.

Megan and Adam decided to celebrate their nuptials at a friend’s farm in rural Mississippi where the couple had spent many festive weekends. It didn’t hurt that the farm was owned by a wealthy shipping magnate! A special place for the bride and groom, the farm setting was a fantastic backdrop for friends and family.

The festivities included cocktails under an old tree adorned with Victorian furniture and crystal chandeliers, dinner under a canopy of string lights and moonlight, a specially decorated head table dedicated to family. And of course, a delightful display of Southern libations to keep spirits high!

Mezzanine Dreams : Double Decker Tents!

Posted on: May 23rd, 2012 by Sam Foxman


Locked into a tight space to set up your event tenting? Why not go vertical!

Two story tents are popping up (literally!) in magazines and blogs as a unique alternative to the standard pole tent or clearspan structure. Imagine being able to create an exclusive level for VIPs, a raised vantage point for the media or an unobstructed view of the lower floor for guests!


The double-decker system is modular by design and can be installed in a variety of configurations, shapes and sizes. The footprint of the upper lever could mirror the lower level or a smaller structure could be constructed on the upper level in order to create a viewing balcony area. In addition, modules can be eliminated on the ground floor to create open galleried areas. And don’t forget the ability to create exterior decks!


Perfect for golf events, galas or product launches, double decker tents deliver wow factor!

To learn more about these structures, email us at info@evntiv.net